Terrapin Hi5 & Hopsecutioner

We proudly welcome Terrapin Beer Co to the MDC portfolio. Our new line up includes Hopsecutioner IPA and Hi5.

Hopsecutioner-SqaureHopsecutioner  American India Pale Ale


About the Beer:  Light copper in color, this IPA has an aroma. of fresh pine and citrus. A strong malt backbone provides balance to an assertive hop bitterness.

Pair with: Blue Cheese or Sharp Cheddar. Pair with a classic burger, or play up the citrus in the beer with a glazed orange duck dish.

ABV: 7.3%

IBU: 71

OG: 16.0

HOPS: Warrior, Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade

MALTS: 2-Row Pale, Munich, Crystal 24L, Victory


Sales Sheet_Hopsecutioner


About the Beer: This IPA features 5 tropical, orange, & citrusy aromatic and flavorful hops, a medium body with biscuit and caramel malt notes that bring balance to the beer. This California Style IPA’s big citrusy aroma and huge hop presence will keep you in awe sip after sip.

Pair with: Gruyere or Asiago Cheese, or classic fish tacos with crispy, crunchy cod or grilled Mahi-Mahi. Either way, load it up with freshly diced onions, roasted jalapeno, avocado, lettuce, a little fresh lime, and some garlicky aioli or mango chutney.

ABV: 5.9%

IBU: 80

OG: 13.9

HOPS: Zythos, Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra (Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo & Centennial – dry hop)

MALTS: 2-Row Pale, CaraMalt, Cara Pilsner


Sales Sheet_Hi-5


Coming Soon: Sam ’76

Samuel Adams Releases Sam ’76


Jim Koch unveiled a new brew that is uniquely drinkable, flavorful and aromatic – Sam ’76. After a year of experimenting and 60 iterations with multiple combinations of 12 different hop varieties, the end result of Sam ’76 will surprise any craft beer lover with huge flavor yet light-bodied crispness




By experimenting with both lager and ale yeast strains, the brewers at Sam Adams came up with the concept for a brand new beer – Sam ’76. This truly unique brew takes two active fermentations and blends them together to create a deliciously harmonious result. This process delivevers a distinct flavor that showcases the slight fruitiness of an ale with the balanced drinkability and smoothness of a lager. Sam ’76 will surprise any craf beer lover with its huge flavor and aroma along with a light-bodied, refreshing crispness. At just 4.7% ABV, this brew is perfect for those sessionable occasions. Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Galaxy hops impart a tropical citrus aroma that gives way to a bright, juicy citrus hop flavor but without the hop bitterness. The brewers have been experimenting for over a year, tested over 60 iterations with multiple combinations of 12 dierent hop varieties in the nano brewery in Boston in order to perfect the Sam ’76 recipe.


Sam ’76 will be available nationwide in early 2018 in 6-pack cans for a suggested
retail price (SRP) of $8.99-$9.99, 12-pack cans for a SRP of $15.99-$17.99, 16 oz.
single serve cans for a SRP of $1.99 – $2.49. Price varies by market.
STYLE: Lager
MALT VARIETIES: Samuel Adams Pale-2 Row Harrington Blend, White Wheat, Golden Naked Oats, and Carafoam
HOP VARIETIES: Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Galaxy Hops
IBUS: 12
YEAST STRAINS: Lager and Ale yeast

19 Crimes Wine

Initially, it might seem sort of gimmicky. But the more you delve down the rabbit hole that is 19 crimes, the more you realize how cool this concept is. Each bottle carries the name and real life story of criminals and rebels from another time.

The men on our labels are not those of fiction. They were flesh and blood. Criminals and scholars. In history, they share a bond � receiving “punishment by transportation.” It could have shattered their spirits. It didn’t. Today, we toast those men and the principles they lived by.

check out the website here

They even have an interactive app (free to download on your mobile device) that makes the characters come to life when you place your camera on your phone in front of each bottle. I know what your thinking, cool but what does it taste like? Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this wine considering the low price point. I figured they used a cool concept to sell a meh wine. Boy was I shocked to find I really enjoyed the reds (the only ones I’ve tried to far). Now I find myself buying this wine not because of clever marketing or low price but because I genuinely enjoy this wine.  Check it out. Make your own opinion and let us know if you agree.

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android app

Parkersburg Brewing Co.

Born in true West Virginia tradition with the highest dedication to quality and craftsmanship, Parkersburg Brewing Co. develops, promotes, and delivers full flavored and unique specialty beers to suit every occasion.  We are proud to bring you even more local handcrafted beers brewed in the mountains of West Virginia. Try one today and let us know what you think. 

Sam Adams New England IPA

Boston Beer Co. is hopping aboard the haze train.

The brewer will soon begin shipping kegs of a hazy New England-style IPA around Massachusetts and possibly New Hampshire, becoming the first major domestic brewery with national distribution to distribute a style of beer that until now has been the domain of the small craft brewer.

To be released under its Samuel Adams label, the company’s New England IPA has been brewed since last year but offered only at its Boston brewery and in growlers. Based on response that a company spokeswoman says was “very positive,” the brewery will now release kegs to select retail accounts.

New England-style IPAs, sometimes called NEIPAs, Northeast IPAs or double dry-hopped IPAs, are essentially unfiltered or double IPAs that are aggressively hopped. They range from slightly hazy to downright murky in appearance and tend to be lower in bitterness and heavy with fruity or floral aromas. Some compare the appearance and taste of some of these beers, which tend toward higher alcohol by volume, to orange juice.

Brewers achieve the beer’s signature hazy appearance by the use of dry hopping, the incorporation of high-protein grains such as flaked oats and wheat and certain yeast strains.

The style originated on the East Coast at breweries such as The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead Brewery and Trillium Brewing Company, but is now one of the buzziest styles of craft beer and brewed virtually across the country.

Some nationally distributed brewers such as Stone Brewing Co. and Ballast Point Brewery have released unfiltered versions of their IPAs, which leave behind residual yeast and hop matter that can make them hazy, but none thus far have distributed a beer with New England-style called out on their labels.

Boston Beer says it doesn’t plan for now to distribute the beer beyond its home market. But other larger craft breweries are jumping on the style. Stone plans this month to release a New England-inspired double IPA called Nor’East Nod in large-format bottles as part of its 21st anniversary series. And San Diego-based Coronado Brewing Co., which distributes its beer in 16 states, this year released a seasonal New England-style IPA called North Island IPA.

Samuel Adams’ foray into hazy IPA comes as the brand is mired in a sales rut. Although parent Boston Beer posted a 1 percent increase in revenue for its most-recent quarter, CEO Jim Koch said one of the company’s top priorities is returning Samuel Adams to growth “through improving our messaging and innovation.”

Case volume of the franchise is down 19.7 percent year-to-date through August 5, according to Nielsen cross-channel data. Its case share of the craft segment has slipped to 7.2 percent, down from 9.1 percent a year ago.


Reblogged from Behind the beer, written by Peter Frost

Henry’s hard soda


With new libation options like alcoholic root beer popping up everyday, it was just a matter of time before someone decided to make some refreshing soda pop. Hot on the heels of the beverage revolution comes Henry’s hard soda. It comes in Orange or Ginger Ale and either choice will keep you cool while you’re getting your summer started.

Foothills Brewing

Try one of our brand new  beer variety’s from Foothills Brewing, from  Winston-Salem, NC. They have year round favorites such as Hoppyum IPA & People’s Porter as well as seasonals such as Sexual Chocolate to keep you interested. From the graphics to the intriguing names, this is a brand that stands out.FoothillsBrewing_FeaturedIM

Jacko Traveler


Malt Varieties: 2-row malted barley, malted wheat

Hop Varieties: Hallertau Hallertau

Special Ingredients: Real pumpkin

Alcohol: 4.4% ABV

BUs: 7

Driven by an obsessive love of high jinks, the Jack-O Traveler spent his days cooking up mischief for everyone who crossed his path. One of his favorite pranks involved tricking unsuspecting bar patrons into buying him beers and then skipping out just when it was his turn to buy a round.

So clever was Jack, he even scammed the devil himself into granting him a reprieve from hell. Unfortunately for our Traveler, when his shenanigans finally caught up with him and he died, the man upstairs wanted nothing to do with Jack either.

It’s said that after Jack was barred from heaven, the devil gave him a burning coal, which he promptly put into a carved pumpkin to light his way. Legend has it that he wanders the earth to this day, searching for innocent bystanders to hoodwink into buying him his favorite beer, a pumpkin Shandy.

Lagunitas Brewing Co

From points distant and beyond we all converged on Petaluma in 1993 and ’94 with an unenunciated desire to be more than we were before. The core of Lagunitas came from Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Walker Creek, and the highlands of Quincy.

The Chicago contingent initiated the brewing and the gravitational effect of its suchness did the rest. We all loved the beer but the mission was larger than the ordinary joy of a hoppy-sweet quaff. It was driven unseen by an urge to communicate with people, to find our diasporidic tribe, and to connect with other souls adrift on a culture that had lost its center and spun its inhabitants to the four winds to wander lost and bereft with a longing to re-enter the light. Beer, we have learned, has always been a good lubricant for social intercourse!

The Lagunitas Brewing Co. was not so much an act of ordinary ‘foundling’ as it was willed into being by the unspoken desire of supportive beer-lovers in Northern California after which they continued to nurture their creation and urged us forward to fulfill the unifying needs of that same beer-loving diaspora from coast to coast and beyond. It is good to have friends!

Here’s a sampling of the delicious beers Lagunitas makes: